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Crickets: The high protein food that chirps!

If you haven’t heard about bugs as a clean and complete high protein source, vitamin B12 and iron, you should switch on your antennas.

Not a new trend

Although eating bugs may sound quite unusual to Western cultures, it’s definitely nothing new. People have been munching on insects for centuries, and more than 2 billion people eat bugs on a regular basis.

Way better for the Planet

Crickets are an incredible eco-friendly protein alternative which requires significantly less water, food and land than other protein sources such as beef, chicken and soy. Learn more!

Get the most of your health through real food. For real.


Sustainable High Protein Food
  • A powerful add-on to your daily meals and smoothies
  • Ensure your protein intake is enough to keep you thriving
  • Uplift your energy levels with highly bioavailable iron
  • Boost brain health with natural vitamin B12 intake
  • Give your gut some love with prebiotic fibre
  • Easy to digest, forget the heavy feeling in your tummy!
  • Improve muscle recovery after training

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