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We are Grilo and we are here
to make a change for a better world.

An awareness moment brought us a vision:

Be the change for a better world.

A world where people have empathy sharing a truly human

and more sustainable attitude.

A place where profit doesn’t come before

values and ethics.

And that assigned our mission:

Inspire people to eat crickets.

A healthy and more sustainable protein source
to reduce the impact in our planet.

And we are just getting started.

Join the food revolution!


For us it means bringing forth
the most sustainable protein in the world:


What does Grilo mean?

Grilo means “cricket” in Portuguese. It also means good luck in some countries.

On the dictionary, it’s a brown or black insect that makes short, loud noises by rubbing its wings together.

For us it means much more than that.

Crickets are the food of the future. Not an alternative, but a solution for our environment and the future generations.

Why are insects the food of the future?

World population increases by 70 million people every year. By the year 2050, the planet will be packed with 9 billion people. In order to support food for all these people, food production will need to almost double.

With already almost 1 billion suffering from hunger on Earth, it’s time to start looking for a more efficient and sustainable way to produce enough protein for billions of hungry mouths.

Cricket’s ecological footprint is far smaller than any other traditional protein source.

They need far less water and feed to produce the same amount of protein, emit lower levels of greenhouse gases and don’t need as much space to be raised as livestock as they can be farmed vertically. They have been called the most sustainable protein on Earth.

The story behind Grilo

In 2013 we all moved to Byron Bay, Australia, looking for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in a place where we could fulfill our passion about healthy foods, sports and nature.

Our love for sports triggered the search for a clean high protein source to boost everyday meals and smoothies after surfing, running and training. Disappointed with the impact caused by most of the protein sources available on the market, we decided it was time to bring forth a new protein concept.

Facts and numbers brought us awareness and drove our minds to outsource a protein alternative that is, not only, clean and complete but also the most sustainable source of protein in the world. After a long journey we discovered the most amazing superfood: Crickets!

Crickets are sustainable, taste delicious and are unbelievably healthy!

And our team is engaged with convincing you and the entire world to start eating bugs! Join us and be part of this food revolution!


Lucas Becker

Sales Director

Lucas is the sales guy. He also is responsible for Grilo’s supply chain and distribution. He is a surf lover, world traveller and shares the same love for healthy food and nature as we all do. Lucas trains Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with Pedro and believes that balance is the secret for a happy life.

Favourite Grilo Recipe:
Raw Chocolate Cheesecake


Camila Meyer

Graphic Designer

Camila is our talented graphic and web designer, responsible for all Grilo’s creative materials. Camila loves going out for a cuppa (but never on disposable takeaway cups!) and spends her time between beach walks, working in her home studio and practicing yoga.

Favourite Grilo Recipe:
Sweet Potato Ganache Cake


Pedro Silva

Creative Chef

Pedro is our talented chef. He is the one who creates our yummy Grilo recipes and inspires people to have a healthy life style. For many years, he felt the need for an organic, clean and complete protein powder to boost his post-training smoothies and meals. Pedro coaches BJJ and loves going surfing around Byron Bay.

Favourite Grilo Recipe:
Orange and Almond Cake


Martina Meyer


Martina does a bit of everything at Grilo’s marketing area, but her favourite task is to look after our customers. Martina enjoys exercising and being outdoors walking in the nature. She can be seeing early in the morning running around the Lighthouse with her friends of the Byron Bay Runners Club.

Favourite Grilo Recipe:
Dragon Fruit Banana Shake

Sustainable choices

At Grilo we are eco-friendly consumers and we try to avoid plastic and excessive packaging when we go shopping. Simple habits are part of our daily life and it couldn’t be different with our own company and products. We strive to be as sustainable as possible on our decisions.

We choose to pack Grilo Protein in biodegradable material, and our labels are simply uncoated paper – with zero plastic – to reduce environmental impact once the package is discarded. Join us and be the change you want to see in the world!