About Grilo

Grilo means “cricket” in Portuguese. According to the dictionary, a cricket is a brown or black insect that makes short, loud noises by rubbing its wings together.

For us it means much more than that.

We believe crickets are real food, a powerhouse of nutrients!

In real food we trust!

For us real food comes from the ground, of a tree or an animal. When we started Grilo in 2015 in the beautiful Byron Bay, our mission was to bring real, clean and nutrient dense food to people’s tables. And also make the Planet a better place for all living creatures.

With that in mind we evolved and today, we are a community of real food advocates and sustainability driven people not bound by convention.


We’re Alternative Thinkers!

We think outside the square and sit on the cusp of change and discovery. We embrace change and welcome opportunities that might bring.


Continuous Learning Culture

We pivot at the intersection between discovery, exploration and evolution, working hard on sharing what we know for better health in humankind and our Planet. Learn more about our Workshops.


We’re all in this together

Through collaboration, we multiply our message and amplify our contribution to inspire environmental consciousness that can be felt in the company, the customer and the community at large.


Make decisions that last longer than you will

We value sustainability and our choices reflect those to support future planet and generations. We’re about needs now and into the future.


Lucas Becker


Lucas is a very enthusiastic team leader responsible for Grilo’s supply chain. His passion about health food brought him into the edible insects world. He is a surf lover, world traveler and trains Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to keep strengthening his mind.


Camila Meyer

Marketing & Design

Camila is responsible for all Grilo’s creative materials and graphics. She loves going out for a cuppa (but always brings her own cup!) and spends her time between working at her home office, testing ways to reduce the house waste and practicing yoga.


Pedro da Silva

Product Development

Pedro is the one who creates our yummy Grilo recipes and inspires people to have a healthier life style. He believes cricket protein is essential on assisting with his training. Pedro coaches BJJ and loves going for a surf around Byron Bay.


Martina Meyer


Martina is our marketing girl. She knows how important it is to look after our customers and make sure we keep improving Grilo products. Martina loves to-do lists, high protein quick recipes and getting up early for her strength training.