Insects: “Fair Dinkum” Bush Tucker in Australia

Indigenous Australians understood how humans, animals, plants and all of life are interconnected and this understanding, alongside their hunter gatherer lifestyle, lead them to bugs as an important source of food.

How To Use Cricket Powder

Crickets: The nutrient booster you might be missing

You may have not tried crickets yet, but you have probably heard about it. But can you picture yourself adding cricket powder to your recipes? It may be challenging at first, but I guarantee you can get over the ick factor!

Fussy Kids Eat Healthy Food

5 Tips To Transform Fussy Kids Into Healthy Eaters

Being aware of the impact of healthy eating on growth and development, your children’s health and nutrient consumption is incredibly important to you. Here are our top 5 tips for encouraging fussy kids form a love for healthy, whole foods.

Cricket Farming: Not What You Might Think!

Perhaps you’re envisioning the Grilo team running through fields with butterfly nets, nimbly catching wild crickets. Well, whilst we’re pretty quick on our feet, the process looks a little different from that…

Whey Protein: a thing of the past?

New protein alternatives - such as crickets - are shaping up to claim their place as the next big thing! Crickets have been featured on Men’sFitness Magazine as a high protein source that might better suit your muscle-building goals. Check out the full article!

Do Vegans Eat Bugs?

Are crickets vegan? At Grilo we get that question a lot! In theory, the answer is 'no'. But some people believe vegans should add bugs into their diets and become