December 14, 2017 Give Vitamin B12 a High Five with Cricket Powder

So you’ve been thinking about trying cricket powder but you’re just not sure if it’s right for you. What if I told you that eating crickets is not only more sustainable than beef, pork or chicken but is a also high source of vitamin B12? If

October 10, 2017 Iron Intake: How Cricket Powder can Increase your Iron Levels

Many women feel extremely fatigued, weak and tired. And we might think this is just another day in our lives looking after kids and family, working, exercising or running around to make sure all house tasks are done. “It’s all about a busy schedule”, I

September 5, 2017 Meet our Ambassador and Professional Triathlete Pip Taylor

At Grilo we are so blessed to work with amazing people everyday. People who share the same passion for health, food, adventure and nature. Since we started Grilo Protein we have been meeting so many people who share the same values as us and also

August 22, 2017 There Are Bugs in My Peanut Butter

Last week I was doing a cricket powder protein bliss balls tasting in Byron Bay and a little girl came to me very excited about the treats. She asked me if she could get one of the protein balls. But before I could say anything