12 Edible Insects Products We Love!

Bug Burger anyone? Maybe you would prefer some cricket pasta for dinner tonight. Or what about cricket granola for breakfast?

There are already so many edible insect companies and products around the world that’s even hard to keep counting them. And we find it great! We need more edible insects companies to keep the market growing and to create demand on products made of bugs.


Edible insects have become very popular in the past few years because of its health benefits and sustainability. Crickets, for example, are high in protein, iron, vitamin B12 and have all the essential amino acids. Insect farming is much more sustainable than livestock as they require less feed, water and land. Learn more why eat crickets.

As humans are eating more bugs – a quarter of the world’s populations is already eating bugs – a USD $20 million industry has sprung up. In 2015, the edible insects market size was over USD 33 million. And it is expected to buzz pass USD 522 million by 2023, with over 40% growth from 2016 to 2023, according to a new report from the Global Market Insights.


At Grilo we are always looking for new products because we just love to try new things. Doing the research for this post I started to think about the food we eat and realised every food could contain bugs (it actually does!) and be more nutritious and also more sustainable. I got very impressed on how the edible insect industry has exploded in the past few years. There are many products made of bugs on the market and many more to come. And I put together my 12 favourite edible insect products for you to get inspired and start eating bugs today.


1. Cricket Powder Future Food Blends

That’s us! We make 100% organic and natural future food blends powered by crickets.

Grilo Organic Cricket Powder is 100% organic, a high source of vitamin B12, has 69% protein, prebiotic fibre and a complete amino acid profile. A versatile option for either sweet or savoury recipes. Add it to smoothies, juices, falafels, patties, pancakes, cakes, breads or any other baked goods. 

Grilo Chocolate Cricket Protein Powder is a 100% organic and natural high protein powder blend made with wholefood ingredients and organic cricket powder. It has 19g protein per serve and a complete amino acid profile. It’s a good source of vitamin B12 and prebiotic fibre. It assists with tissue building and repair and assists with growth and maintenance of muscle mass.  A superfood protein blend that’s healthy, sustainable and delicious. It mixes extremely smooth either in smoothies, or just with coconut water or any nut milk. Add it to smoothies, shakes, post-workout drinks, pancakes, cookies, cakes, bliss balls and desserts.

Grilo Super Greens is a 100% organic blend containing nutrient-dense superfoods and a very special ingrediente: organic cricket powder, which may assist with iron absorption from plants when blended into your green smoothie. This alkaline delicious formula it’s an excellent source of iron (53% RDI) and vitamin B12 (40% RDI) and it contains a complete amino acid profile. Grilo Super Greens may assist detoxification process, support body functions and energy levels. Add it to smoothies, juices, raw desserts and bliss balls recipes or just drink it with coconut water or any nut milk.


cricket powder grilo protein




2. Cricket Chips

Chirps Chips are made with stone-ground corn, beans, chia seeds, and of course cricket powder. There is 1 cricket per chip and you can find them in 3 different flavours: sea salt, BBQ and cheddar.


3. Insect Balls

These Essento insect balls made from mealworm flour sound great. It looks a bit like falafel and I would definitely have them with salad, hummus and pita bread. DIY cricket balls! Check out our recipe!


4. Roasted Whole Cricket

If you meet your friends for happy hour in a rooftop bar which snack would you have to go with your beer? I knew you would say peanuts! And that’s the perfect match… till today! Let me introduce you the best crunchy snack ever: roasted whole crickets. Crickets naturally have a nutty and earthy taste and they taste even better on top of your avo on toast.




5. Insect Burger

Thank you for this invention! How cool is to have a high protein veggie burger? If you are not a meat eater like me, this is for you. Damhert Nutrition created Insecta, a veggie burger made of insects. The patty is made with buffalo worms and has 17.6g of protein per burger and it’s also low in fat.


6.Cricket Granola

Granola topped with fresh berries and coconut yogurt are one of my favourites brekkie meals. And I’m sure this cricket granola will be one of your favourite as well. Aketta is based in Texas, USA, and has just released this delicious granola made with cricket flour. The granola contains almonds, cashews, pepitas, flax seeds, prebiotic dietary fibers, and cricket flour and it’s packed with 6 grams of protein per 1/4 cup. Amazing!

Make your own cricket granola following our delicious cricket granola recipe!


7. Cricket Energy Bars

That’s us again! We are the first 100% organic insect bar in Australia. Our bars are made with dates, pepitas, sunflower seeds, almonds, cricket powder, tahini, chia seeds, cacao nibs and cacao powder. So much goodness in just one snack!

Grilo Cricket Energy Bar have 7.5g of protein per bar and also 37% of your daily recommendation intake of vitamin B12. It’s gluten free, dairy free and Paleo friendly. And as we care about our footprint on our Planet we wrapped our bars in biodegradable packaging.





8. Cricket Cocktail Bitters

Critter Bitters makes bitters with toasted crickets, rose hips, sarsaparilla, pepper, dandelion root, gentian, and cinnamon. How crazy is it? You would never thought something like this would come up. Just add the bitters to any cocktail or soda water.


9. Insect Salt

It sounds weird, but it’s actually very nice. Gran Mitla produces salt made from sea salt, toasted and ground agave worms (Gusanos de Maguey) and chile costeño in America. It’s a flavoured salt to go with you mexican dishes and even with your tequila shot. Arriba!!!


10. Cricket Pasta

“Amo la pasta” means “I love pasta” in italian. And who doesn’t?

I’ve tried this cricket flour pasta from the Bugsolutely, from Thailand, and it tastes great. Actually it doesn’t taste much different from wholewheat pasta. Although the cricket flour adds a nutty flavor to it and much more nutrients. Try it out with our cricket pesto!

cricket flour pasta


11.Cricket Juice

Syngja is a Copenhagen, Denmark, based cricket shots and mixers company. Their mixers are available in three flavors: apple-ginger, beetroot-seaberry and spirulina-acerola. And there are 30 whole crickets per serve. The crickets are grinded into a powder, and then infused into the beverages via means of pasteurization. It’s a great idea to mix fruits, vegetables and greens with cricket powder as it helps with iron absorption.

Read more about iron intake and how crickets can help.


12. Cricket Tomato sauce

Even you, tomato sauce? In Toronto, Canada, Gryllies produce a tomato sauce like no other. It’s enriched with cricket powder, it’s packed with vitamin B12 and 12g of protein per cup. Just a bit more nutrients to your tomato sauce.


There is Insect Food Even for Your Dog!

Entobento is based in America and their mission is “to provide highly nutritious and tasty dog treats made from simple and environmentally sustainable ingredients”. And they chose cricket powder! They make delicious dog treats using a blend of organic sweet potato, cinnamon, cricket powder and other wholesome ingredients. The most nutritious dog food in the world. I bet your best friend won’t refuse it.


Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


As you can see, bugs are the new black! What’s you favourite edible insect product? Leave your comments below! 😉


Crickets are the new superfood