Whey Protein: a thing of the past?

New protein alternatives - such as crickets - are shaping up to claim their place as the next big thing! Crickets have been featured on Men’sFitness Magazine as a high protein source that might better suit your muscle-building goals. Check out the full article!

Do Vegans Eat Bugs?

Are crickets vegan? At Grilo we get that question a lot! In theory, the answer is 'no'. But some people believe vegans should add bugs into their diets and become

Edible Insects: The sustainable alternative to meat

Unless you have been living under a rock you would have become increasingly aware to the important role you play to the health of the planet. Specifically, to your choices of meat and the impact this has on the health of Earth.

Why You Should be Eating Bugs?

Millions of people and their ancestors across a variety of cultures have been eating insects as part of their daily diets throughout their lives. Yet, most people of Western countries are repulsed by the idea of touching, much less eating insects

Edible Bugs: The Protein Source of the Future

Does the thought of eating crickets make you cringe? You may want to think again. Entomophagy (eating insects) has sparked the interest of a new generation of chefs, adventure enthusiasts and fitness fanatics, all jumping on board the cricket bandwagon

new year 2018

Food Trends 2018

I’m totally crazy about superfoods (you should see my pantry!) and I love to try them all. I normally just add them to my regular recipes and meals. Pretty easy! At the end of each year I get very excited to read all things superfoods and

Whole edible crickets

Give Vitamin B12 a High Five with Cricket Powder

So you’ve been thinking about trying cricket powder but you’re just not sure if it’s right for you. What if I told you that eating crickets is not only more sustainable than beef, pork or chicken but is a also high source of vitamin B12? If

Iron Intake Energy Levels

Iron Intake: How Cricket Powder can Increase your Iron Levels

Many women feel extremely fatigued, weak and tired. And we might think this is just another day in our lives looking after kids and family, working, exercising or running around to make sure all house tasks are done. “It’s all about a busy schedule”, I

12 Edible Insects Products We Love!

Bug Burger anyone? Maybe you would prefer some cricket pasta for dinner tonight. Or what about cricket granola for breakfast? There are already so many edible insect companies and products around the world that’s even hard to keep counting them. And we find it great!