Date + Walnut Cookies

According to our friend Marit, there’s “nothing better than a simple recipe. Minimal ingredients. Minimal fuss. ⁣These cookies are beyond easy. And beyond deee-licious! They are scrummo eaten raw and are also incredible with cashews instead of the walnuts.⁣ A spoonful of Organic Cricket Powder adds all important B12 and some extra protein (and best of all, the kids can’t taste it!)”.⁣ Thanks for sharing this recipe, Marit!

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Simply blend the ingredients until sticking together. You can add a few more nuts if the mixture is too sticky. Shape into cookies and pop in a 180°C oven for 10 minutes.


Date + Walnut Cookies

5 star rating
“I’m in love with the Grilo products! We eat a primarily plant based diet so crickets have been a saviour for a hit of B12. The cricket powder is so versatile and we add it to just about everything! It’s such a mild flavour my three kids happily add it to their slices, muffins and smoothies.”


– Marit J. @onechangeaweek

Marit Janjic

About the author

Marit is a mum of three and a self confessed “wholefood junkie”! Her mantra is slow + simple in all areas of life. Marit spends her days with her unschooled tribe at the beach, exploring the bush or cooking up a storm in the kitchen! She is passionate about creating a healthy food culture in her home and loves having small humans help in the kitchen. You can find her plant rich recipes and slow living inspiration on Instagram Facebook.