Small business and edible bugs talks with Mark Bouris, The Mentor Podcast

Every time I’m driving or working in my herb garden at home I’m listening to a podcast. I believe this is such a great way to learn new things while you’re doing other stuff. I don’t even remember how I used to drive for hours without a podcast on. I always felt it was a waste of time driving, and today I quite enjoy it because I see it as time to learn new things.

Source: The Mentor

Grilo on The Mentor Podcast!

My favourite podcasts are hosted by Tim Ferris, Mark Bouris, Jack Delosa. A few weeks ago I was listening to one of Mark Bouris’ episodes – his mission is not only to identify innovative thinking, but to nurture and grow it. Then I thought to myself: Grilo should be on The Mentor Podcast! Best idea ever! Got my phone and reached out through DM on Instagram, and not long until I got a reply. Wow! I was about to take the Grilo story and edible bugs to one of Australia’s most trusted businesses voices: Mark Bouris’ podcast.

Source: The Mentor
Public speaking is not something I have dreamed about doing, but just like any skill it can be learnt, optimised and used as a powerful tool for entrepreneurs running a business, specially when you have to educate and tell everyone the reasons why we chose to add crickets to our daily life. And believe me, we get that question quite often!

Source: The Mentor

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My participation on The Mentor Podcast was a day to remember, it felt intimidating at first but it felt right. As I went up the elevator a million ideas went through my mind and in a fraction of a second, as soon as I got in the room with the legend Mark Bouris himself, blood was running faster but a sense of calmness came into my mind. The show was on!


Our co-founder Lucas Becker on The Mentor Podcast | Source: The Mentor


A big thanks to Mark Bouris and The Mentor Podcast team for having us!