Meet our Ambassador and Professional Triathlete Pip Taylor

At Grilo we are so blessed to work with amazing people everyday. People who share the same passion for health, food, adventure and nature. Since we started Grilo Protein we have been meeting so many people who share the same values as us and also believe we can be the change for a better and sustainable world for the future generations.

Pip Taylor is the perfect example of this beautiful match.

Pip is a professional triathlete, sports dietitian, nutritionist and mum of 2 beautiful toddlers. She was the first person who truly believed in our organic cricket powder and since then we have been working together to spread the word about this nutritious and sustainable superfood.


Nutrition for Optimizing Health and Enjoying Life


Pip is fascinated by the impact of nutrition. For her it is about more than physical or sporting performance, it is about optimising health, enjoying life, enjoying food and being mindful of the future.

Beyond the ‘nutrients’ level, she has a genuine love of food. Her favourite place in the house is the kitchen where one thing she loves to prepare yummy breakfast pancakes for her kids. Their favourite pancakes are powered by crickets because according to the kids “they make us jump higher!”. And we do believe they can! With so many nutrients packed into one tiny serve, the health benefits are real.

Check out Pip’s kids favourite Pancake Recipe Powered by Crickets.


High-Performance Foods for Athletes to Feel and Perform


Pip is an experienced professional triathlete and have been competing at a very high level in sport for the past 15 years, including representing Australia and reaching the number 1 world ranking. She combined her passion for food and sports and wrote “The Athlete’s Fix”, a step-by-step program to help athletes to eat a healthy variety of high-performance foods to feel and perform their best.

Read more about nutrition for athletes here.


professional triathlete


We couldn’t be more happy and excited to have Pip as our Ambassador. We look forward to keep boosting Pip’s pancakes with our Organic Cricket Powders.

If you want to know more about Pip Taylor and her story as a professional triathlete check her website and follow her Instagram.


Jump higher with crickets!