Whey Protein: a thing of the past?

Hey, guess what? Crickets have been featured on Men’sFitness Magazine – September 2018 issue as a high protein source that might better suit your muscle-building goals. Check out the full article below.

“There’s no denying that right now, whey and casein proteins are on top of the muscle-building food chain. But that wasn’t always the case. Eggs used to be the go-to protein hit (think Rocky guzzling them raw) and chicken breast and cottage cheese were once on every body builder’s shopping list. Our point? Things can change, and new protein powder alternatives are shaping (or shaking) up to claim their place as the next big thing.”

Men’s Fitness | September 2018 – Page 42

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“Grilo Protein in NSW’s Byron Bay has released a protein powder made from – yep – crickets. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Bugs are fantastic source of protein, plus they’re low in fat. In fact, crickets contain two-and-a-half times the protein of beef, 10 times more vitamin B12 than salmon, more calcium than milk and more iron than beef or spinach. They’re also high in zinc, magnesium and potassium, plus they have way less impact on the environment than super-farty cows.”

Men’s Fitness | September 2018 – Page 43

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