Cricket Farming: Not What You Might Think!

Perhaps you’re envisioning the Grilo team running through fields with butterfly nets, nimbly catching wild crickets. Well, whilst we’re pretty quick on our feet, the process looks a little different from that…

For the Love of All Things Bugs!

Bugs, so small, mighty and nutritious in goodness too, but who would have thought… that edible insects could be the food of the future?

Edible Insects: The sustainable alternative to meat

Unless you have been living under a rock you would have become increasingly aware to the important role you play to the health of the planet. Specifically, to your choices of meat and the impact this has on the health of Earth.

Why You Should be Eating Bugs?

Millions of people and their ancestors across a variety of cultures have been eating insects as part of their daily diets throughout their lives. Yet, most people of Western countries are repulsed by the idea of touching, much less eating insects

12 Edible Insects Products We Love!

Bug Burger anyone? Maybe you would prefer some cricket pasta for dinner tonight. Or what about cricket granola for breakfast? There are already so many edible insect companies and products around the world that’s even hard to keep counting them. And we find it great!

Insects in peanut butter

There Are Bugs in My Peanut Butter

Last week I was doing a cricket powder protein bliss balls tasting in Byron Bay and a little girl came to me very excited about the treats. She asked me if she could get one of the protein balls. But before I could say anything

Edible insects

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Crickets

Almonds, hemp seeds, chia, oats, cacao and so on. These are considered to be some of the most powerful superfoods at the moment. But might we soon be adding crickets to this list? You are probably thinking why eat crickets, right?  The idea of entomophagy