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We want you try the most sustainable protein on Earth, so we are offering you to try crickets for free, just cover shipping.

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Crickets: a nutrient-dense future food

Sustainable, delicious, and unbelievably healthy. Get ready to be powered by crickets!

Ok. I’m ready to give crickets a go!

Heck, yeah! Welcome to the bug-eaters tribe and enjoy all the benefits: high protein contents, all essential amino acids, loads of vitamin B12, haem iron, omega fatty-acids and more… To get started, get your FREE SAMPLE by filling in your details above, follow the instructions sent to your email and we’ll take care of the rest.

What do crickets taste like?

Cricket powder on its own has an earthy and nutty taste that can add a yummy flavour to any recipe. You may find it intense at first, so maybe start by using as little as a tsp, then increase your serve with time. Some people recognise an almond taste, others say they smell like popcorn. Aren’t you curious?

How should I use cricket powder?

You can add Grilo to your favourite recipes. Grilo Cricket blends can be used as a nutrient-dense ingredient in your smoothies and juices, baked goods (breads, pancakes, muffins, cookies), bliss balls, desserts… only the Super Greens is advised to be used raw, in order to preserve its green’s properties.

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