Organic Cricket Protein Powder | Chocolate 434g


14 serves (31g per serve)
Delicious nutty and chocolatty high protein powder blend made with 100% organic and natural ingredients and cricket powder. With 20g protein per serve and a complete amino acid profile, it assists with muscle recovery after training, growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Enjoy a versatile high protein powder that tastes delicious and natural, keeping you full for hours.


Organic Cricket Protein Powder | Chocolate

  • 20g of complete protein per serve
  • All essential amino acids
  • Vitamin B12 (45% RDI)
  • Light yet filling
  • Easily digestible: no heavy feel in your tummy
  • Fine texture
  • Blended with delicious raw cacao powder, you won’t even taste the crickets
  • Made with sustainable crickets
  • Good source of fibre
  • No added sugars, flavours or preservatives

INGREDIENTS: Grilo Organic Protein Blend (organic sprouted pea protein, organic sprouted brown rice protein and certified organic cricket powder (Gryllodes sigillatus) (10%)), organic cocoa powder, organic guar gum, organic natural stevia.

People who have a crustacean shellfish allergy may be sensitive to crickets.

How to use:

Add 2 rounded tablespoons (31g) to smoothies, shakes, pancakes, cookies, cakes, bliss balls, desserts, or simply sprinkle on top of cereal. Grilo Cricket Protein Powder Chocolate is very versatile: shake it, blend it or mix it into your favourite recipes! Delicious addition to pre and post workout smoothies.

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