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Organic Cricket Cacao Protein Powder 424g



Cacao Hopper

424g / 14 serves (30g per serve) | 10g of protein per serve

Grilo Cacao Hopper is a protein powder that combines the most nourishing superfoods and one very special ingredient: organic cricket powder. This superfood pack is loaded with iron, calcium, vitamin B12 and all 9 essential amino acids your body needs to fully recover, boost strength and performance and keep your energy levels up. It’s a delicious and healthy superfood blend with no added sugar, preservatives or flavourings.


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Why do we need protein?

Even if you exercise a lot or not, you need protein to support everything you do.

Proteins are chains of amino acids and play many important roles in our body such as building, maintaining and repairing body tissues.
On top of that protein supports our metabolism, increase muscle mass, boost performance and strength, satisfy our appetite and assist with weight management.

For active people and athletes it is important to have a daily high protein intake, specially from complete protein sources that provide all 9 essential amino acids our body can’t produce. Protein can supply your body with energy before exercising and also recover body tissues and fight fatigue after working out.







What makes our superfood protein so different?

Grilo Cacao Hopper is an organic blend that combines your favourite superfoods and the most sustainable protein on the Planet: crickets.

Crickets are a complete protein source

Insects are a complete protein that provides you all essential amino acids and all the energy your body needs to recover and keep your energy levels pumping. Crickets have 3 times more protein than beef, 2.2 more iron than spinach, 10 times more vitamin B12 than salmon and as much calcium as milk.

Organic cacao powder

Cacao and cricket flour are the perfect match. Besides all the protein benefits from the crickets, cacao supplies your body with lots of nutrients: magnesium, the key for relaxation and healing of muscles; more antioxidants than any other food to help you lower blood pressure and contribute to skin radiance; serotonin booster, to increase mood and happiness while reducing stress; high contents of phenylethylamine – the neurotransmitter produced naturally when we fall in love.

These may sound like enough reasons to load your recipes with Grilo Cacao Hopper, but we believe you deserve more and we picked a few other ancient superfoods, like organic maca and lucuma, that will enhance your health and support everything you do each and everyday.

Builds and repair your muscles
Faster recovery from injuries
All essential amino acids

Easy digestible protein
Assist with weight control
Speed recovery after exercise

Increase muscle mass
Fight fatigue
Paleo friendly

Increase happiness levels
Boost strength and performance
Support wellbeing


Grilo is a paleo
protein powder

You can be paleo without eating meat.

Grilo is paleo friendly and the best alternative protein for people who want to get the benefits of the paleo diet, but don’t feel like eating meat.


What does our cricket and cacao blend taste like?

Cacao Hopper has a nutty and earthy wholesome flavour from crickets and Maca powder besides an intense cacao taste. So delicious.

How to use cricket superfood protein?

Add a serve of Cacao Hopper protein powder to your favourite daily recipes, cakes, muffins, pre-workout and post-workout shakes and smoothies and get the all the benefits of these amazing superfood pack.

Good to know

At Grilo we believe we are what we eat. We use just the best certified organic ingredients in our products to provide people the best quality and the most complete protein powder in the market.

Ingredients: Cricket powder, Cacao powder, Maca powder, Carob, Lucuma, Cinnamon.

• Dairy free

• Gluten free

• 100% nartural

• No preservatives

• No added sugars

• No added sweeteners

• No artificial colours

• No artificial flavours