Organic Cricket Powder (Cricket Flour) 140g


14 serves (10g per serve)
Ground crickets and nothing else! Grilo Organic Cricket Powder is a high source of vitamin B12, has 69% protein, prebiotic fibre and a complete amino acid profile.
A versatile option for either sweet or savoury recipes.


Also available for bulk orders (over 1kg). Please contact us.


Organic Cricket Powder (Cricket Flour)

69% Protein | Complete Amino Acid Profile | Good Source of Vitamin B12 (155% RDI)

INGREDIENTS: 100% organic cricket powder.

People who have a crustacean shellfish allergy may be sensitive to crickets.

What do crickets taste like?

Crickets have a nutty and earthy wholesome flavour. Some people recognise an almond taste, others say it tastes like popcorn.

How to use cricket protein powder?

Upgrade your favourite recipes! Add 1 tablespoon (10g) to smoothies, pancakes, cookies, breads, cakes, falafels, patties and more.