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Organic Cricket Powder – Nutritional Information

Organic Cricket Powder 140g


140g / 14 serves (10g per serve)
It’s just ground crickets and nothing else! Grilo Organic Cricket Powder is 100% organic and natural, it’s a high source of vitamin B12, has 69% protein, prebiotic fibre and a complete amino acid profile.
A versatile option for either sweet or savoury recipes. Add it to smoothies, juices, falafels, patties, pancakes, cakes, breads or any other baked goods.


Also available for bulk orders (over 1kg). Please contact us.


Organic Cricket Powder

69% Protein | Complete Amino Acid Profile | Good Source of Vitamin B12 (155% RDI)

INGREDIENTS: 100% organic cricket powder.

People who have a crustacean shellfish allergy may be sensitive to crickets.

What do crickets taste like?

Crickets have a nutty and earthy wholesome flavour. Some people recognise an almond taste, others say it tastes like popcorn.

How to use cricket protein powder?

Upgrade your favourite recipes! Add 1 tablespoon (10g) to smoothies, pancakes, cookies, breads, cakes, falafels, patties and more.