Organic Roasted Crickets 30g


3 serves (10g per serve)

Roasted whole crickets and nothing else! Grilo Organic Roasted Crickets are a high source of vitamin B12, have 69% protein, prebiotic fibre and a complete amino acid profile.
Have them as a snack or garnish your favourite meals!


Also available for bulk orders. Please contact us.


Organic Roasted Whole Crickets

69% Protein | Complete Amino Acid Profile | Good Source of Vitamin B12 (155% RDI)

INGREDIENTS: 100% organic roasted crickets.

People who have a crustacean shellfish allergy may be sensitive to crickets.

What do crickets taste like?

Our roasted crickets have a nutty and earthy wholesome flavour. Some people recognise an almond taste, others say it tastes like popcorn.

How to use roasted crickets?

Have as a snack or garnish your favourite meals! Sprinkle Grilo Roasted Crickets on salads, soups, tacos, cereal, dessert, or simply have them as a crunchy snack!