12 Edible Insects Products We Love!

Bug Burger anyone? Maybe you would prefer some cricket pasta for dinner tonight. Or what about cricket granola for breakfast? There are already so many edible insect companies and products around the world that’s even hard to keep counting them. And we find it great!

5 Tips For a More Sustainable Table

You go to the grocery store, you shop for the day or for the week. But has it ever crossed your mind how harmful the food you put in your shopping basket might be to the environment? Ok, some people don't care that much about

Casey Lee eats crickets

The Health Enthusiast Casey-Lee Eats Cricket Powder

I bet you haven’t seen any crickets for sale at your local health food store. Not yet. Crickets are already very popular in America, Canada and Europe and they are hopping slowly all the way to Australia. You might be thinking: Really? Why Crickets? And

Edible insects

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Crickets

Almonds, hemp seeds, chia, oats, cacao and so on. These are considered to be some of the most powerful superfoods at the moment. But might we soon be adding crickets to this list? You are probably thinking why eat crickets, right?  The idea of entomophagy