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Get the most of your health through real food

Here is how crickets can help:

  • Get the nutrients your body needs to perform its best.
  • More nutrition to your daily meals and smoothies.
  • Real, natural food – no nasties added.
  • Easy to use! Just add to your favourite recipes.
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Alternative Protein

Crickets have 2x more protein than beef, all essential amino acids and are easy to digest.

Excellent Vitamin B12 Source

Crickets contain all the vitamin B12 you need in a day in 1 tbs. Brain health booster!

Good For Your Gut!

Crickets are high in prebiotic fibre – great to assist gut microbiome health.

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Immunity Boost Super Seasoning Sample

Super Seasoning

Organic Immunity Boost Seasoning

When delicious meets healthy! Simply nature’s most powerful spices combined with cricket powder to support immune system while making your meals more delicious than ever.


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Just crickets

Organic Cricket Powder / Cricket Flour

Taste the nutty flavour of 100% organic cricket powder. High protein, vitamin B12, rich in antioxidants and good for your gut! A versatile nutrient-dense add-on for either sweet or savoury recipes.


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Iron booster

Organic Super Greens & Cricket Powder

Organic green superfoods and cricket powder for smoothie lovers! Excellent source of iron to increase energy levels and reduce risk of anaemia. High in vitamin B12 to help improve brain function.


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Protein people

Organic Cricket Protein Chocolate

With 20g protein per serve and a complete amino acid profile, it’s your post-workout best friend, helping repair muscle mass and keeping you full for longer. The most natural tasting choc protein powder you will ever taste!


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People who are allergic to shellfish may be sensitive to crickets.

“The organic cricket powder has been easy to use in our meals. It’s a great option to get more protein into our food for our family. It mixes in perfectly. There is no distinct flavour so the meals just taste as they should.”

Cathy L. – Verified Customer

“Best muscle recovery supplement I’ve come across! Got some of the high protein powder and have some after a workout and my muscle recovery has been great. Highly recommend!”

Dwaine C. – Verified Customer

“Awesome nutrient dense product! I love the fact that there are no nasties added into these products it is just bugs & basic wholesome ingredients. The powders are great for adding into smoothies & baked goods but are also very bearable to consume on there own.”

Carlie D. – Verified Customer

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