Crickets: Nutrient-dense real food

If you haven’t heard about bugs as a clean and complete high protein source, vitamin B12 and iron, you should switch on your antennas.

Not a new trend

Although eating bugs may sound quite unusual to Western cultures, it’s definitely nothing new. People have been munching on insects for centuries, and more than 2 billion people eat bugs on a regular basis.


Crickets are an incredible eco-friendly ingredient! Farming crickets and other insects requires very little water, food and land.

High Protein

Crickets have up to 69% protein. Build lean muscle mass and improve recovery! Protein supports metabolism and helps satisfy hunger, keeping body composition goals on track.

Vitamin B12

Crickets have more than 100% of your RDI of Vitamin B12 per serve. Boost immunity and support healthy hair, skin and nails.

All Essential Amino Acids

Crickets contain all 9 essential amino acids – the building blocks of protein that we must get from food – making it the ideal ‘complete protein’ source for optimal health.


For strong bones and teeth, muscle and nerve function. Crickets have as much calcium as milk, making them the perfect non-dairy source of calcium.

Omega Fatty Acids

For a healthy heart and brain. Increase “good” HDL cholesterol and improve nerve function.


For growth, brain development, strength and energy metabolism. Crickets contain heme iron for maximum availability and absorption.

Crickets are packed with protein!

Protein content compared to traditional sources

More than a quarter of the World’s population already eats insects.

From the traditional Mexican chapulines to the deep fried scorpions in Asia, over 2 billion people worldwide eat insects everyday.

Sustainable and future-forward

There are significant economic and environmental reasons to be eating insects: crickets require minimal resources such as land, water and feed to be farmed, and they can even be farmed vertically.

Crickets require less water and less feed

Water (in litres) and feed (in grams) required to produce 1Kg of each

Crickets taste delicious!

Cricket powder is a versatile ingredient to be added to either sweet or savoury recipes.
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